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12V 24V PWM Solar Charge Controller/off-grid System Solar Regulator

Solar charge controller Product Details: • Place of Origin: Shenzhen City, China (Mainland) • Brand Name: Yozeal • Model Number: PWS • Output Power: 10a-30amps • Output Type: DC power

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Product Details

Solar charge controller

Product Details:

• Place of Origin: Shenzhen City, China (Mainland)
• Brand Name: Yozeal
• Model Number: PWS
• Output Power: 10a-30amps
• Output Type: DC power
• Size: 410*370*330mm/50pcs/carton
• Weight: 0.28kgs/unit
• Input Voltage: 12V/24VDC
• Output Voltage: 12/24VDX
• Type: DC/DC Converters
• Output Frequency: 50/60
• Output Current: 10-30amps
• Colour: black
• controller type: PWM
• package: carton box
• warranty: one year
• function: PWM control/rectify
• display: LED

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Carton box

Delivery Detail:


Control circuit: use MCU and professional software as the control center to fulfill intelligent system control.
Charging mode: use PWM high efficiency charging way. Boost, recovery and float charging auto work for battery long-life. Use temperature compensation.
High accuracy over discharging control by the discharging rate: Over-discharging control voltage modified by the battery discharging rate curve.
Self protection: protection to overload, outside and inside short circuit, reverse connection, thunder and  lightning, PV panel reverse current, over charging and discharging etc. during the short circuit and overload protection, no any component will be damaged and need change, include fuse.
LED indication on system condition: LED indicating the system of charging, overcharge, power full, power low, over-discharge, over load, out short circuit, load on/off, etc.
Industry level production standard: wide  temperature running area -35°C to +50°C
No adjustable hardware part: use flash memory to save all work control point instead of adjustable resistance, to protect the control work point from going off as the adjustable resistance value is easily changed by temperature and vibration, in order to make sure the control accuracy and reliability.
Operation: easy to operate, robust in design.
Two output modes: direct current output mode and 1HZ output mode. The1HZ output  mode is very suitable for traffic caution light.






Rated charge current




Rated load current




Work voltage

12v; 12/24V Auto

Over load, short circuit protection

1.25 rated load current 60sec, 1.5 rated loads current 5sec, over load protection action. ≥3 Rated load current short circuit protection action.

No load current


Charging circuit voltage drop

≤0.26 V

Load circuit voltage drop

≤0.15 V

Over voltage protection

17V; ×2/24V

Work temperature

Industry stage: -35°C to +55°C;

Boost charge voltage

14.6V;×2/24V; (keep 10min)

Direct charge voltage

14.4V; ×2/24V; (keep 10min)

Float charge voltage

13.6V; ×2/24V;

charge return voltage

13.2v; ×2/24V

Temperature compensation

-5mv/°C/cell (Boost charge, Direct charge, Float charge, charge return voltage);

Lower voltage indicate

12.0V; ×2/24V

Over discharge voltage

11.1V(no load)- real-time modified voltage by the discharge rate; ×2/24V;

Over discharge return voltage

12.6V; ×2/24V

Control mode

PWM charge mode; modified discharge voltage by the discharge rate

System main circuit diagram

Controller use:

Solar PV (DC) -Charge controller(DC)- battery bank(DC)-off grid solar inverter(DC-AC).

Package details:

Trade Term Specification:
1. Payment: T/T,L/C, Western Union, Paypal available  
2. Lead time: 3 working days for sample order, 7-15 working days for bulk order.
3. Samples can be available within 3-5 working days  
4. Shipping freight is quoted under your requests  
5. Shipping port: Shenzhen, China mainland
6. Discounts are offered based on order quantities  
7. Minimum Order Quantity:1pcs  
8. Price: EXW

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